Mission and goals

The Faculty of Information - Library, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU has a mission to lead in scientific research and training of high quality human resources in Information Science and Library serving the cause of national construction and development.

- Become a leading Faculty of Information Science - a library in the country and be on par with the advanced regional and international training institutions at the bachelor, master and doctoral level in general science. news - library.

- Leading in scientific research in information management, knowledge management and library science. Bringing information and library industry of Vietnam to integrate and develop towards FUTURE NUMBER.

- Become a prestigious address in the development cooperation between Vietnam and the world in the field of information management and library science.

Oriented development
- Enhancing cooperation with domestic training institutions, agencies and organizations. Seek opportunities to expand cooperation with universities and international organizations to develop training and scientific research.

- With the goal of people-centered development, the Faculty promotes the development of the quality of the staff having deep expertise in the field of information - library, proficient in foreign languages ​​and capable of international publishing.


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